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28 September 2020
David Gina.

THE Western Province Government IWPG) under the leadership of Premier, David Gina will again come under a ‘Vote of No Confidence’ motion.

This was announced by the Clerk to the Western Provincial Assembly Kevin Paia.

In a circulated letter of notice to all Provincial Assembly Members (PA) dated the 25th of September 2020, the Clerk to Assembly Kevin Paia confirmed that the Office of the Honorable Speaker to Assembly had received and approved the call for a motion of no confidence.

The motion is expected to be the first item debated in the coming Full Assembly Meeting that will be held Tuesday the 6th of October.

More information on the reasoning behind the call is yet to be clarified, but it has been revealed that the call to a vote of no confidence was submitted by the Member for Ward 24 of Vangunu.

Its understood this is not the first time the WPG and its leadership has come under such scrutiny, and some say it will be interesting to see how the process turns out for the motion this time around.

In the last full assembly meeting held in late 2019, a call of no confidence was also served to the office of the speaker but was deemed to have not fulfilled all requirements of the submission.

The notice circulated by the Clerk to Assembly officially confirmed that as required by Standing Order 107, a seven (7) clear day notice was hereby served.

Gizo News Bureau