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SINU saga

30 September 2020
Ganesh Chand.

‘Where is TSI?’

Newsroom, Honiara

THE allegations against Solomon Islands National University (SINU) Vice Chancellor Ganesh Chand are serious and yet Transparency Solomon Islands (TSI) did not speak up against it as expected by the public.

 Speaking in anonymity an observer who is familiarise with the whole issue said it is disheartening to see what SINU is going through right now.

One of the prominent citizens also told this paper that talking about corruption in the country TSI always come out very boldly to speak against it.

“Just recently they targeted the government COVID-19 preparedness and response activities, more so when China comes into the scene.

“But if we look at the SINU issues all these corrupt allegations against Chand has been ringing in our ears for almost a year now and yet our warriors on corruption remain silent,” the prominent citizen added. 

The observer further added that it all begun when the two association representing staff of SINU wrote to the SINU Council to investigate heaps of allegations against Chand earlier this year. 

It was understood that both SINU staff association request that SINU Council should investigate Chand for all the allegations against him.

In the letter obtained by this paper both associations provided evidence of allegations of abuse of power, nepotism, corruption and mis-management leveled against the VC on March this year.

The observer told this paper that the action of the SINU Chairman to downplay the whole issue does not speak well of him as a national leader.

“An independent group should be established to conduct an investigation into this matter to protect the integrity of our only national university.

 “This is uncalled for and perhaps shows Chair- SINU Council’s lack of interest in good governance, transparency and accountability across the university whilst continues to be protective of VC’s unbecoming actions,” the observer added.

It was recently reported in the media that SINU Council has agreed to recall its illegal expatriate’s staff including Dr Chand to resume work with immediate effect.

But when this paper questioned the Office of the Commissioner of Labour yesterday it was said that only those approved ones will resume duty.

Comments were sought from TSI yesterday.