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Police “Blue Ribbon Day”

30 September 2020

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) today (29 September 2020) joined police services around the world to mark the “Blue Ribbon Day – Police Remembrance Day” when police officers remember colleagues who have passed away during the past year.

 RSIPF Commissioner Mostyn Mangau says, “This is a time for officers of the RSIPF and the community to honour the dedicated men and women who have died serving their community.”

 “Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions, the RSIPF was not able to organise the usual memorial service to mark this year’s Police Remembrance Day.”

“The RSIPF Executive and all ranks and file throughout the country share our deepest sympathy with the families and relatives of the following officers who have passed away during the past year. Together the four late officers who passed away have served the RSIPF and the community a total of 85 years,” says Commissioner Mangau.  

  1. The Late Sergeant Edwin Manuga
    Recruited in February 1990
    Died: 24 February 2020
    Service provided to RSIPF - 30 years

  2. Late Police Constable Katea Puia
    Recruited on 2001
    Died: 18 April 2020
    Service provided to RSIP - 18 years

  3. Late Sergeant Rolland Ramoni
    Recruited on 13 August 2001
    Died: 5 August 2020
    Service provided to RSIPF - 19 years

  4. Late Police Constable S. Junior. BUIN
    Recruited on 16 April 2001
    Died: 24 November 2019 
    Service provided to RSIPF - 18 years