01 October 2020
Mover of the 'No-Confidence' motion, David Solo Baerara.


PREMIER Daniel Suidani – Malaita’s most vocal political leader – has been given an ultimatum to step down or face the music on the floor of the Provincial Assembly in Auki later this month.

A letter containing a No Confidence motion Notice in Premier Suidani and his government was delivered to the Provincial Assembly Speaker, Ronnie Butala, and the Clerk on Tuesday afternoon.

Solomon Star has obtained a copy of the two-page letter dated Monday 28th September 2020. The letter showed the motion is being moved by one of Premier Suidani’s closest and staunch political and backbench allies, David Solo Baerara, the Provincial Assembly Member for Ward 14, East Fataleka, on Malaita.

Premier Suidani represents the West Fataleka Ward adjacent to Hon Baerara’s.

“The notice of the intending No-Confidence Motion is an indirect way of saying to the Premier, step down now gracefully or face the music on the floor of the Provincial Assembly later this month,” Mr. Baerara said.

“In compliance with Part 6 of the Standing Order of Provincial Assembly, I am hereby notifying your Honourable Office and noticing the General Public of Malaita Province, that I am submitting a MOTION OF NO CONFIDENCE to the Premier’s leadership and his Executive Government ...”

“... some of us Members of the Malaita Provincial Assembly and ... like-minded Malaitans no longer have the trust and confidence on the leadership of the Premier as accorded to him,” the letter addressed to Speaker Butala, said.

Five reasons were cited for the move in the letter, attention to the Clerk of the Provincial Assembly.

  1. That the Premier and his Executive are not conducting their activities and not following the devolution of responsibilities as provided in the Provincial Government Act, in that the Premier and his Executive are incapable to manage the affairs of the Provincial government and the people of Malaita Province;

  2. That the Premier as leader cannot control his own egos but allow himself to be over-indulged in malicious behaviour such as giving himself to immoral activities which in itself has grossly abused the Office of the Premier, the position and himself as leader. The position of Premiership is a prestigious title and warrants an honourable character, behaviour and attitude; therefore, we do not have confidence in the image he as premier (is) portraying to the public;

  3. That the Premier and his executive had been conducting their financial management outside of the Financial Management Ordinances and the Provincial Government Act. This is a serious infringement to the public accounts;

  4. That the Premier had allowed his Office along with his position and his executive to entertain an unregistered body that engaged in activities that has great potential to create anarchy and disorder, endangering both provincial and national security, fuelling hatred, regionalism, disunity and instability; (and);

  5. That the Premier and his Executive had designed systematic political barricade through the form of a Communiqué that has created barriers and instability for national partnership with (the) national government, development and donor partners that continued to derail implementation of national and priority development projects for Malaita.” 

According to insiders, Hon. Baerara is boasting of having secured the support of 15 MPAS for the motion.

“Five others have indicated their support,” one insider said.

They said the motion is expected to be moved on the 19th October.

The Speaker of the Malaita Provincial Assembly, Ronnie Butala, confirmed that his Office received the Notice of the No-Confidence Motion on Tuesday afternoon.

The Clerk also received a copy.

“Yes, I have received a copy of the Notice of the No-Confidence Motion in Premier Suidani,” Mr Butala said.

He said his Office was seeking legal advice on the matter.

Mr Butala said the Provincial Assembly is due to meet on the 13th of this month.

Meanwhile, four provincial government ministers have denied being part of the group plotting to overthrow Premier Suidani’s government.

Instead, the Ministers – Priston Billy (Minister for the Eastern Region), Nelson Lenty (Minister for Finance), Claudia Te’efii (Minister for Agriculture) and Minister Alick Junior Ofoofo – have declared their continuing support for the Malaita Alliance For Rural Advancement (MARA) government.

He denied rumours that the ministers have been working behind the scene to overthrow Premier Suidani’s government.

‘That is totally false,” Mr Lenty of Ward 17, said. 

“I want to confirm to the public and Malaitans that these Ministers, including myself, support the MARA government,” Hon Lenty told the media in Auki yesterday.

 “We still stand with our MARA government,” he said.