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Suidani commends US support

09 October 2020
Daniel Suidani

THE Malaita Provincial Premier Daniel Suidani has described the USAID of USD$25 million (SBD$200m) support towards Malaita Province as a great gift from a friend indeed.

Premier Suidani told Solomon Star Auki in an interview that the support is huge and will go a long way in developing the province.

Mr. Suidani said that he is very much indebted to the Government and the people of the United State of America for the great support.

The Premier said the province has not seen such support since the country gained independence in 1978.

He said this financial support will boost and benefit Malaita Province in the years to come.

The Premier thanked the USA government for the bold move and for seeing it fit to support Malaita regardless of it being seen as a challenging place to develop in the Solomon Islands.

The Premier in his acknowledgment message to the US government said the people of Malaita and the US shared the same democratic principles.

The Premier also thanked the national government for its continuous support, especially in ensuring Malaita benefits from a long time traditional partner.

He said that his MARA government is ready to facilitate what is required of the province to ensure the money is put to its rightful use to improve the lives of Malaitans. The Premier said, " Malaitans have gone to many parts of the country and beyond as economic migrants."

The Premier stated that "In doing so, they often meet or sources of disharmony to their hosts." With this support, it is believed that Malaita and its people are looking forward to a day that they will be liberated from their long and tiring economic stagnation."

"I once more would like to sincerely thank the Government and the people of the United State of America for their kind-heartedness and generosity in providing this mega support to the people of Malaita Province"

According to U.S. Engagement in the Pacific Islands: 2020 Pacific Pledge, Malaita Province will be benefiting from a USAID of $25 million, which is equivalent to SBD204 million.

The money will go towards Strengthening Competitiveness, Agriculture, Livelihoods, and Environment (SCALE) Program, which mainly focuses on Malaita Province.

According to published information, "The SCALE Program will strengthen the enabling environment to unlock economic opportunity and increase trade; improve natural resource management, including forest governance; promote agribusiness and small enterprise development; and expand critical small-scale infrastructure and essential services.

"Other Pacific island countries will also benefit from the partnership.

According to the published information, "The United States considers the Pacific Islands to be important partners in fostering a free and open Indo-Pacific region, and we greatly value our historical ties, strong economic links, and mutual cooperation towards a brighter future.

"According to sighted information, the US is in good relationship with the Malaita Premier Daniel Suidani and is committed to developing the province.