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Heated closing for WPA

09 October 2020

THE WESTERN Provincial Assembly (WPA) ended with a fiery closing on Thursday as members of the Assembly took time to utilize the motion of Sine Die that was moved the day before by premier David Gina.

First to take up the opportunity to speak was the elected representing member for Ward 24 Hon. Samuel Sive who had also called for the motion of no confidence against the premier on Tuesday.

Sive wasted little time in expressing his disappointment in the ruling that was given towards his motion and again said that this displayed a lack of forwarding movement by the WPG.

He expressed the feeling of exclusion felt by a majority of his people of Ward 24 and the continuous revenue contribution by his ward to the Western Provincial Government.

This all awhile still seeing a lack of service provisions in comparison to other respective wards in the province.

Speaking his mind Sive bluntly said he found it difficult to appreciate the opening speech of the premier and beckoned the WPG to be more transparent with its operations, especially when dealing with public funds.

“This is not only for the good of the government but for the clarity, trust, and confidence of the Western population as well,” said the former postal general manager.

The Provincial Minister of Women, Youth, and Children’s Affair Hon. Chriswell Minu reminded the assembly that while everyone is truly going through an unprecedented pandemic experience for this generation, all should not downplay their capacity and responsibility to their people especially the youth in service provision.

Minu said; if anything, it is at this time that we are needed to work harder in fulling the duties bestowed upon us as many representatives take up a number of roles as equally important to our government and people.

“As commonly done so during the closing motion, words of appreciation and gratitude were made by various members to the house of the assembly for their work.

“It was clear that a collective appreciation for the numerous challenges placed upon the members of the assembly and it is to be seen what the coming year would hold for the government and the people it represents,” Mr. Minu said.

In making the closing speech Premier Gina strongly assured the assembly that his government is fully capable and dedicated to fulfilling government policies and bringing order to the concerns raised by representatives of the house.

Again raising the agenda of the WPIC|, Gina cautioned representing members to be certain of West’s position and authority in the area of investment and assets.

“The government is not allowed to own assets and engage in investments outright, and therefore the investment arm is established to administer such matters on behalf of the government, taking the arm away would bring complications that many have not considered countermeasures for.

“The government of the day has displayed a commitment to our pledge of transparency especially in concern to the WPIC as can be seen by the first-ever successful audit of the investment arm since it was conceived.”

He said they are still chartering their way through rocky terrain left by past governments and can only be done with the combined effort that as raised finally move everyone forward. 

Broadcasted live on radio the Sine Die is a motion moved to close the Assembly meeting and a given opportunity for members of the house to share and express their understanding and opinions on matters in their concern so as to ensure that all is said before the assembly ends for the year.

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