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Some MPs’ behaviors worry Makira leaders 

09 October 2020
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MAKIRA leaders who have asked that their identities are withheld claim the immoral behaviors of some members of the National Parliament are worrying, and are uncalled for. 

Makira leaders spoken to say, the worrying and the uncalled-for issue is, some MPs indulge in what has become known in the Solomon Islands as, having O2s and O3s (extra-marital affairs). 

They claim the issue is worrying because women and children become victims, and is uncalled-for because national leaders should behave responsibly as their people look up to them for leadership. 

Those leaders spoken to say they do not want their identities revealed because the issue is very sensitive, and it involves leaders of the country. 

And they said while Solomon Islands is a Christian country, church leaders have remained silent about the issue, so have the families affected, the Leadership Code Commission, the Ministry of Women, Youth and Children Affairs, the National Women’s Council, the Solomon Islands Christian Association and other religious organizations. 

The big question they ask is, but why the silence? Many of those spoken to believe it is the big money Members of Parliament receive such as the Constituency Development Fund (C-D-F), could be the cause for silence by affected families. 

But it is suggested the Churches, Government Organizations and members of the public should condemn the practice through the media. 

They claimed in democratic countries all over the world, the media plays an active role in reporting such uncalled for behaviors by political leaders, many reported cases have resulted in their dismissals from their public offices. 

By George Atkin
Kira Kira Correspondent