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14 October 2020
Baerara and Suidani pose for a photo after the No Confidence vote.

Convincing victory for Premier Suidani and MARA govt

Auki News Bureau

THE much-anticipated motion of no confidence against the Malaita Alliance for Rural Advancement (MARA) Government has been defeated on the floor of the Malaita Provincial Assembly on Tuesday with an overwhelming support of 24-9. 

It was all smiles for Malaita Provincial Premier Daniel Suidani and his executive following the overwhelming victory.

The victory means the MARA regime is in control and will continue with its program to develop the province.

The result has proven the so-called pundits wrong, which suggested that Premier Suidani will lose the motion of no confidence with a close margin of 17-16 in favour of the mover, David Solo Baerara. 

The victory was widely welcomed by members of the public who turned up in numbers at the Malaita Provincial Assembly eagerly waiting to know the result.

Before the motion was tabled, Premier Suidani and team pose for a group photo which clearly showed the numerical support of 22 Members of the Provincial Assembly (MPAs). 

During the vote, two MPAs on the mover's side have thrown their support behind Premier Suidani, which further strengthened the MARA government to 24.

Speaking to local media after his victory, Premier Suidani thanked those MPAs who have trust and supported him and the MARA government to win the motion. 

The premier said it is time to put the differences aside now that the motion of no confidence has been defeated. 

Premier Suidani calls on all the 33 MPAs to work together for the betterment of the province and trigger development in each of the 33 wards. 

On the same note, the premier is also appealing to all Malaitans in the province and Malaitans outsider to work together with the MARA government with the common goal of achieving development in Malaita. 

In the meantime, the mover of the motion MPA for Ward 14 David Solo Baerara told local media that he is satisfied with the outcome of the motion even though it was defeated. 

Mr. Baerara said the process was successful and it was defeated on the floor of the assembly.

He assured Premier Suidnai that he will work together with the MARA government from now and onwards. 

He said as a vice-chairman of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), it is his duty to do check and balance to ensure the MARA government is on the right track. 

The mover congratulated Premier Suidani and his executive for the victory. 

Both Baerara and Suidani then posed for a photo afterwards.