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15 October 2020
33 MPAs took a group picture with Premier Suidani after the Premier and MARA defeating the motion of no confidence on Tuesday. [PHOTO: WILSON SAENI]

Claims money at play to oust Premier Suidani

Auki News Bureau


THERE'S claims money has been involved in the move to topple the Malaita Alliance for Rural Advancement (MARA) government.

This came to light after the information has surfaced that the group involved in tabling the motion against Premier Daniel Suidani and his MARA executive used the money to lobby for support.

Thus, the victory by the MARA government following Tuesday’s motion was described as a double loss for the mover and the one financing it, it was revealed.

The use of the money backfired when few Members of Provincial Assembly (MPAs) who were forced to receive money from the mover's side did not vote in support of the motion of no confidence.

The secret move surfaced yesterday morning when an MPA on the losing side was frustrated over the result because of the huge money spent during lobbying.

The frustrated MPA confronted one MPA who switched sides to support the MARA government and asked him to refund the money spent during the lobbying period. 

Meanwhile, information obtained from MPAs interviewed yesterday revealed that they have received phone calls from MPAs who supported the mover offering money in exchange for support.

One MPA confessed that the mover's group had called him and verbally offered him $20,000 for him to support the mover's side in a phone call.

"I received a phone call from the mover's side promising me $20,000 in the morning before the motion was tabled.

"The caller also instructed me to find two other MPAs to join the mover and get $10,000 each,” the MPA claimed.

Asked why he did not fall for the money, the MPA said leadership and decision making is something that cannot be traded for money.

The latest drama in Auki has proven there are people who have financially backed the move to oust Premier Suidani and the MARA government.

It was revealed a number of people behind the motion to get rid of Premier Suidani have been affected.

Meanwhile, Premier Suidani said the victory means work to ensure development activities planned for the province will continue.

Opposition Leader Matthew Wale yesterday also congratulated Premier Suidani following his victory.