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Wale condemns bribe claims

16 October 2020
Matthew Wale.

THE leader of Opposition Matthew Wale and MP for Aoke Langalanga condemns the allegations of bribery of Malaita MPAs reported in the Island Sun newspaper and calls on the Police to cause investigations immediately.

In a statement, on Thursday said the claims are serious and warrant an investigation.

“I am truly appalled at what is being reported and condemn the alleged illegal actions in the strongest of terms.

“Allegations of bribery targeting leaders to influence the outcome of a vote on leadership is a serious matter.  

“Such allegations bear the hallmarks of powerful people who only look out for their own interest and have no respect for law and due process,” he said.

“We have plenty of these sorts of power play taking place at the national level and so it is regrettable to see it now creeping into our provincial government systems. 

“Brushing such allegations aside only allows for corrupt practice to grow. Something must be done,” he said.

He calls on the premier and police in Malaita to launch an investigation into the claims.

“I, therefore, call on the Premier and the Malaita Provincial Police Commander to cause a thorough investigation into the allegations and make sure that any person found to have acted in breach of our laws is dealt with accordingly.”