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Small boats seen to and fro at SI/PNG border

16 October 2020
Police patrolling the border.

Small crafts or boats have been sighted crossing to and fro at the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinean border.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Vaevaso said the small boats are crossing over both sides of the border.

“Some boats are coming into our border while others are going into the PNG border,” Vaevaso said.

He said they are breaching the emergency zone regulations.

Vaevaso strongly appealed to communities in Shortland Islands in Western Province, Choiseul, Choiseul Province, and Malaita Outer Islands in Malaita to stop crossing over to the PNG border.

“I want communities there to observe the regulations in place for their safety and that of their family and the whole community in the Solomon Islands.

“I understand that communities there are trying to make their living themselves but the government wants all of us to assist in ensuring that Covid-19 does not come through our borders.

He said so far 82 police officers have been deployed to the SI/PNG border for the change-over last Saturday.

They were deployed to Shortland Islands, Western Province, and Supizae in Choiseul while three officers are sent to Malaita Outer Islands, Malaita.

Vaevaso said this is the seventh deployment since March this year.

“They are at the border now while the previous group returned to Honiara.”

He added the officers were deployed with members of other government agencies and that they are also conducting awareness with communities at Shortland Islands and Choiseul.

Newsroom, Honiara