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How the lobby plays out

16 October 2020
The 33 MPAs took a group photo with Premier Suidani after the Premier and MARA defeating the motion of no confidence. [Photo: Wilson Saeni]

THE Malaita public is eager to know the alleged financier of the motion of no confidence against Malaita Provincial Premier Daniel Suidani.

This came after reports claimed the mover's side allegedly used the money to lobby prior to motion day. 

Information obtained from the investigation carried by the paper revealed that money was used to lobby Members of the Provincial Assembly (MPAs) to oust Premier Suidani during this week’s motion.  

It was claimed someone visited Auki a day before the motion on Tuesday allegedly carrying cash and assisted the mover in his talking point when the motion was tabled.  

The unknown person who is said to have been linked with the mover left Auki in the afternoon after providing cash with the mover's group.  

The money was then distributed to opposition MPAs at that time with a promise that they would lure MPAs who supported Suidani, it was further revealed.

About ten government MPAs were targeted.

However, the mission failed when some of the MPAs who were supposed to get the government’s MPAs decided to hold on to the money.

Other opposition MPAs managed to dish out some money to the government’s MPA, but failed to gain the support of MPAs on Suidani’s side.

As a result, the motion was defeated, 24-9. 

The government’s MPAs who received money have vowed to come clean in the coming days with the money they have been offered. 

In light of the situation, the public is now seeking answers to know who is behind the move and has supported the mover.  

Auki News Bureau