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PM on contact tracing

20 October 2020

PRIME Minister (PM) Manasseh Sogavare says following the detection of the third Covid-19 positive case, contact tracing to identify close and casual contacts of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd positive cases had been conducted.

Speaking during his nationwide address yesterday, Sogavare said this process is important as those in close contact with the index cases are more likely to contract the virus, thus separating them will help in preventing any further spread of the virus within the quarantine station.

He said the students that had been shifted to the additional quarantine stations were identified in the ‘contact tracing process’ as those that either had no exposure, or very low-risk exposure, to any of the 3 positive cases.  

“That said, it is important that all persons in quarantine adhere to Covid-19 preventative measures of frequent hand washing with soap or hand sanitizers, maintain social distancing and cough into bent elbows, sleeve, or tissue,” he said. 

Sogavare also encourages those who are under quarantines to make sure they disposed of the tissues properly in the rubbish bins provided at the stations. 

“I reiterate my earlier call to our students to avoid mingling and gathering in rooms,” he said.

He said the health authorities will closely monitor student behaviour because serious actions will be taken against any offender. 

“The sooner we are clear of COVID-19 from the quarantine stations, the sooner students will go out from quarantine,” he said.

Sogavare said since the COVID-19 situation is localized at one location at this point and based on the ongoing assessment, it was advised that the risk of community transmission is still low. 

“Therefore, there is still no need for immediate lockdown until further advice but our primary focus now is to contain the virus within the Chengs quarantine station and eliminate it from there,” he said.

Newsroom, Honiara