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ESP successful recipients won’t be published  

20 October 2020
ESP Chair, McKinnie Dentana.

CHAIR of the Economic Stimulus Package (ESP) Committee and Permanent Secretary (PS) of the Ministry of Finance and Treasury McKinnie Dentana says publication of successful applicants was not done due to the high cost required.

Dentana highlighted this during the talkback show on Sunday following public concern and call to publish the names.

He said though they have already announced the idea to do the publication, they were later decided not to do that as it will cost a lot of money.

However, he said they are now in the process of acquiring a software or database program that can store all the information for public view as part of transparency.

“We are looking forward to completing the acquiring the software by the end of this month so that going into the next month, the public should have access to some of the information by going through the software,” he said.

Dentana said as it stands; the committee will continue to contact the successful applicants through their mobile phones to get their assistance.

“Whilst we are waiting for that software, we will continue to provide updates through press releases and provide relevant information through the talkback shows,” he said.

When asked by a talkback show listener about why choosing software that rural dwellers can’t have access to it, Dentana said one of the reasons is they want to manage the whole of the implementation of the ESP very smoothly. 

He said with now mobile phones are already accessible to the rural communities, they can also access the information using the software.

He added the contacts attached to the applications are also very clear which makes it easier for the committee to contact the successful applicants directly.

Meanwhile, a concerned citizen has called on the committee to put up those names before they got their assistance rather than doing it after they have already received the ESP.

The person who wants his name withheld said to avoid putting up the names earlier, it will give a high chance of applying nepotism (wantok system) or selecting only those well-known to the screening committee.

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