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COVID coordination a challenge

21 October 2020

COORDINATION remains one of the major challenges amongst Solomon Islands Government agencies while the battle to contain COVID-19 virus remains active in the country.

According to the latest National Disaster Council (NDC) Situational Report (SITREP) No.15, agencies are observed to be protective of their mandated areas of operations.

“Even though the N-DOC arrangement is being employed as the SIG COVID-19 response coordination mechanism,” the report stated. 

It also added that this tends to limit coordination amongst response agencies.

The report further stated that there is yet to be an established coordination mechanism and centre established at the border to coordinate the border operations.

In terms of information sharing and communication, SITREP stressed that some sectors are not providing situational updates to the National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC)

“It must be noted that sectors implementation of the PRP is ongoing. 

“Observations have seen that regular updates are being shared through other platforms but not to the NEOC or the Provincial Emergency Operations Centres (PEOCs),” the report stated.

The report confirmed that this will continue to affect the development of operational information management products for decision-makers.

The report also stressed that spreading of false information and speculations are causing unnecessary panic, fear and anxiety amongst the public.

This paper also understands COVID-19 Oversight Committee have expressed that the fight against COVID-19 in the country remains a challenge but the government will throw every resource available to protect the country and its citizens.

Newsroom, Honiara