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City Clerk: women central to economic development  

21 October 2020
City Clerk, Rence Sore speaking at the International Rural Women's Day celebrations. [Photo supplied]

CITY Clerk Rence Sore stated women are central to economic development. 

Mr. Sore made the statement during his key-note address at the International Rural Women’s Day celebrations in Honiara on Thursday 15 October.  

The city clerk said that women are central to the development of rural areas and to the national economies. 

He mentioned that women account for a significant proportion of the agriculture labor force, play a key role in food production especially in subsistence farming, and perform most of the unpaid care work in the rural areas. 

Mr. Sore explained that unpaid care makes it difficult for rural women to take advantage of gardening and off-gardening employment opportunities.

“Rural women and girls often face restricted access to productive resources, such as land, agricultural inputs, finance and credit, extension services, and technology. This limits the agricultural sector’s efficiency.

“Traditional and cultural norms make it more difficult for women to gain access to public services, markets and institutions, social protection and decent employment opportunities,” Sore said. 

However, he encouraged all rural women during the celebrations to participate, celebrate, share, bond, network and strengthen one another and alongside their male counterparts to achieve more as we continue to develop this nation further.