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MAL PS: higher NCD cases is a problem 

22 October 2020
MAL PS Ethel Frances delivering her remarks during World Food Day celebrations.

Permanent Secretary (PS) for Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) has attributed the higher cases of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) in the country to poor diet and the low quality of food and what people drink. 

Ethel Frances highlighted the issue during the World Food Day 2020 celebration on Friday 16th October through the national broadcaster. 

PS Frances explained some countries in and around the globe are dying from hunger. 

“Whereas the Solomon Islands continue to record an increased rate of NCDs related cases because of the choice each person made on the types and amount of food and drink they partake. 

“Therefore, because of not having the right intake of food inside the body, I want to share that it is important that we have the right food,” PS Frances said. 

She also stated the ministry has an existing policy where they tried to link all the key partners, especially the ministry of health to work together to address NCD. 

However, she calls on everyone to make the choices of what types of food to partake to address the issue and appeals to mothers because they are the ones that determine what is on the table. 

“Even though we have the strategy and policy is placed, but if we as mothers do not take the action in making sure that healthy food is on the table, we will be struggling to address the issue,” PS Frances said. 

Newsroom, Honiara