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25 October 2020
Alex Waimora.

Alex Waimora’s dream for change



Former International Football Player and KOSSA Technical Analyst Alex Waimora recently shared his story to the change-makers program about his love for football and how he wanted to help children and youths to peruse their goals in football. 

Alex Waimora started his sporting career in Futsal then switched his to the eleventh aside football code.

His talent in football was recognized and accordingly awarded a scholarship to study at Saint Kentigern College in New Zealand. 

In New Zealand, Alex played with the Three Kings U19 Club from 2012 to 2013, and in 2014; he was drafted into the Auckland United U23 team. 

He studied in New Zealand for over four years at Saint Kentigern College and in 2015 secured a scholarship to study at Waikato University majoring in Media and Communication Studies. 

He said that it was not plain sailing.  He faced a lot of challenges along the way.

“However, these challenges made me stronger and increased my determination to succeed,” he said.

“Football has been a motivational factor for me growing up,” Alex said. 

Unfortunately, Alex sustained injuries in 2014 in a game against Central United.  This ruined his football career but not his passion for the game.

Alex now dedicated himself to transferring the skills he acquired in football to young children and youths in the Kukum Area (Kuks Town) in Honiara.

He remarked that our young boys and girls have naturally talented in soccer and what needs to be done is to provide the necessary coaching skills to enhance their skills. 

“The children in and around Kuks town all come from different backgrounds, and they all have their own struggles and difficulties in life. For me, it is about bringing these children out of their normal day to day struggles and having them enjoy the game of football,” Alex said. 

He explained when he talked about football; it is about values of respect, values of commitment, and most of all, the values of good citizenship and love of country. 

“I want to give these children the chance and the platform to prove and make themselves known in the game of football.  Not only in football, but in whatever careers they want to pursue in the future.” 

He said some of the challenges he found with the children is getting them to listen, but with these challenges, it has helped him to be patient and learn more about new things from the children. 

“I am happy that with the establishment of the KOSSA soccer club in Kuks town, changes are happening in a lot of children.  Because the children are committed to their training and the determination to do better in football take centre stage in their lives, good behavioural and attitudinal changes begin to set in,” he said.

As an International Football Player, Alex said that he has seen a lot of negative and positive changes in football.

He further said that football is a game that promotes good values and virtues and once each and every one of us embrace these values, our society will change for the better

He advises young people to always work hard in order to achieve dreams and goals in life. 

“It is very important to have an open mind and be able to learn,” explained Alex. 

Apart from football, Alex is also working on composing and recording gospel songs and he is currently the Digital Marketing Officer for Solbrew Company limited. 

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