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Firisua pledges to fight for children’s issues

25 October 2020
Pauline Radoe Firisua speaking at the launch of her election campaign.

CENTRAL Honiara by-election contender Pauline Radoe Firisua says the constituency must take care of the needs of its children, youth, and women.

She was speaking at the launch of her election campaign at the Honiara High School Hall yesterday.

Mrs. Firisua was one of 10 candidates, and one of the three female contenders, vying for the seat in the November 18 by-election.

“Right now, things are not looking good for our children, youth, and women in the constituency,” she told supporters and members of the public who turned up for the event.

“We have lost our moral compass,” she added.

“We need to get things right starting inside the home.

“For home is where everything begins.

“A stronger home means a stronger community and a stronger nation.”

Mrs. Firisua said today, most families in Central Honiara are and some have only one meal a day.

“This is sad. And it does not have to be like that.

“I’ve heard stories from teachers about children turning up to school hungry.

“We need to make families economically and morally strong. We need to ensure families have decent meals on their tables,” she said.

If she succeeds in her election bid, Mrs. Firisua said she intends to address the economic status of families by working with them to create job and income-generating activities.

She added family health, basic infrastructures such as lighting and water and sanitation problems are some of the issues she’ll be focusing on addressing.

Mrs. Firisua also highlighted education for our children as a matter that needs attention.

“All our children should attend school. No child should stay at home just because his or her parents don't have the fees to send them to school.”

A former Central banker, Mrs. Firisua will be contesting the November 18 by-election as an “Independent” candidate.

“I am contesting for our children, women, youth, and family in this by-election,” Mrs. Firisua said.

“I wanted to secure the Central Honiara seat for them,” she added.

Mrs. Firisua served with the Central Bank of Solomon Islands for over 10 years, specializing in the GIS system, before moving to the Ministry of Health and Medical Service where she worked as a statistician.

After her retirement from the ministry, she continued to voluntarily serve in various faith-based organizations such as Sunday School, Child Evangelism, Trauma Counselling, and Boys & Girls Brigade.

“Faith-based learning helps our children to travel a smooth journey in life as better citizens.

“I’ve learned over the last 30 years that we, as a country, have not done enough for our children.

“I wanted to see a secure future for our children.

“I believe our children deserve a better and brighter future,” she said.

Women’s rights advocator Ella Kauhue was the guest of honour at the event.

In her address, she appealed to the crowd to vote more women into parliament.