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28 October 2020
PM Manasseh Sogavare.

Final 4th positive case turns negative

Newsroom, Honiara


THE country has once again regained its ‘COVID-19 free’ status after the remaining one positive case result turned up negative.

The good news was proclaimed by Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare on Monday during his weekly nationwide address.

He said the student was earlier admitted to the Isolation Unit of the National Referral Hospital with COVID-19 symptoms. 

“This fourth case has been tested again and has returned a negative result. 

“Therefore, this fourth case is now negative. As such, our four initial positive cases are now negative,” he said.

PM Sogavare said all the four cases will remain in isolation and will undergo further tests. 

“They will be moved to another location if they satisfy further testing requirements. This is done to make sure they are fully safe and free from COVID-19,” he said. 

The country recorded its first COVID-19 case early this month, Saturday, October 3rd.

The four cases involved students studying in the Philippines who have been repatriated back to the country in late September.

Secretary to the Prime Minister Dr. Jimmie Rogers on Sunday said the country is hoping to eliminate the virus and return to ‘COVID free’ status.

Special Secretary to the Prime Minister (SSPM) Albert Kabui also added the main policy objective of the government is to keep the virus out as well as keeping the economy afloat.

PM Sogavare during his nationwide address yesterday said the repatriation flight that arrived on Sunday night brought in passengers from Auckland and a number of countries. 

“The flight had passengers traveling from Italy, France, England, Switzerland, Japan, South Korea, Samoa, Australia, and New Zealand. 

“On that flight there were 136 passengers and 22 passengers were swabbed and tested at the airport upon arrival,” he said. 

PM Sogavare said the government has the situation under control and has contained the virus within the quarantine and isolation stations. 

“We have also successfully avoided community transmission because we have continued to do the right thing by strictly adhering to our standard operating procedures and protocols,” he said. 

He said the Government remains committed and vigilant in its fight against COVID-19. 

“Our determination is stronger than ever. Our resolve has never wavered. I am confident that our mission to eliminate COVID-19 from our shores is attainable,” he said. 

He asked the nation to continue to pray for those in the quarantine and isolation stations, front liners, and their families. 

“We are all in this fight together. We have no one else but each other. This is a battle that we can win – together,” he concluded.