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Djokovic on policy direction  

27 October 2020
Robson Djokovic.

THE important policy directions currently undertaken by the Solomon Islands government is to ensure the COVID -19 is eliminated from the country and to keep the economy flowing.

Chief of Staff at the Prime Minister’s Office Robson Djokovic said since the country has faced up with financial issues as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic; the government wants to focus more on the key areas within the economy that will generate revenue for the country.

Djokovic said only important areas such as health; education and police will be prioritised including the generating income sectors.

“We have targeted some strategic investment that can help to generate revenue and the current ESP is now trying to address those areas,” he said.

He said currently the government wants to be more focused and to ensure it has enough money to keep the economy afloat and pay up its outstanding debts. 

“The government wants to ensure all the liabilities are covered including of course the COVID-19 related programs and activities.

“The second part of the policy is to keep the country safe by eradicating or remove the COVID-19 from our shores,” he added.

Djokovic said sustaining the economy is the most important aspect of the two policies meaning we have to turn it over and start generating enough revenue from our ongoing private sector businesses and industries which the ESP in part trying to address.

He added the preparatory work for the 2023 games is also part of the investment plan to bring in more revenue for the country.

Newsroom, Honiara