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Malaita hails CAUSE project 

28 October 2020
Malaita Provincial Secretary Frederick Fa’abasua.

Malaita Province has acknowledged CAUSE Project for the projects implemented in Auki, some of them have completed, others are ongoing and some are in the pipeline. 

Provincial Secretary for Malaita Province Fredrick Faabasua said the CAUSE project is one of the few donor-funded initiatives that has successfully met its objectives on the ground. 

In the case of Auki, Malaita Province the beneficiaries are far wider and bigger than those that they first anticipated. 

For example, the 200 meters footpath built from the Provincial Assembly Chamber to the main provincial office has catered for more than a thousand population that continues to commute to work, market, school and sporting activities every day.

PS Faabasua said these include mostly school children, women, youth, provincial government employees and provincial leaders, and even Solomon Islands Government officials that travel from Honiara to meet with us in Auki. 

This is just an example of how beneficial the CAUSE project has been which not only benefited the vulnerable groups but one that has improved the lives of the urban population.

Also, the building of basic infrastructure for vulnerable groups and communities, the creation of short-term employments, and skill training has been really appreciated by the Malaita Provincial Government. 

CAUSE Project is currently having its virtual meeting in Honiara that is attended by government representatives, provincial secretary for Western, City Clerk, Permanent Secretary MID, CAUSE staff, and World Bank team connecting from different countries.