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National security at stake Installation of CCTV soon

29 October 2020
Attorney General John Muria Jnr.

IN the interest of public safety and security, all Solomon Islands Government Quarantine Station (QS) and Isolation units will be installed with CCTV equipment.

This assurance was revealed by Attorney General John Muria Jr when responding to a question of privacy in the quarantine sites and isolation units.

“National security threat caused by this pandemic outweighs whatever reasons we might think of right now,” he told the media.

He further assured the country that installing CCTV equipment in the QC and Isolation units is strictly for monitoring purposes and not for public usage.

“We need to properly monitor the movements within and outside the QSs and isolation units to help us identify who is breaching the quarantine protocols,” he added.

Earlier on, rumours spread via social media that some of the students in the quarantine stations walked out to buy betel nut from stalls outside the gate.

“Therefore, putting up CCTV equipment will help authorities to monitor the activities and also to stop rumours from spreading within our community that would lead to unnecessary panic,” he added.

Special Secretary to the Prime Minister (SSPM) Albert Kabui also stated that the CCTV will help us do contact tracing in case of an outbreak in the QSs let alone the community.

Meanwhile, Secretary to the Prime Minister (SPM) Dr. Jimmie Rodgers said that CCTV will be installed in private isolation rooms and the QSs.

However, it’s unlikely that it will be in the rooms but it will be installed in the common areas to see who is moving in and out.

It was understood that Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare admitted that the arrival of COVID-19 had exposed weaknesses in our preparations and these need to be addressed through appropriate technology.

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