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Gizo market to close for weekend clean-up

30 October 2020
The Gizo market house.

Gizo Market in Western Province will be closed for business this weekend for another general clean inside the marketing area.

That’s according to the Gizo Market Manager Moffat Maeta during a notice issued to the public. 

The closure will happen on 31st October and 1st of November which will be this coming Saturday and Sunday respectively.

Speaking to the paper, Mr. Maeta explained the main purpose of the general clean up is to keep the market environment clean and tidy at all times.

Mr. Maeta said it is a normal clean up an arrangement of the market to allow workers at the market to do thorough clean like water blasting through drainages and mainly around the fish.

“Keeping our marketing clean at all times is our first priority in making sure the market is environmentally friendly and clean.

“All the citizens and residents in Gizo too must understand that the marketplace is used by everyone and they must also abide by the rules like throwing rubbish at the right place,” the market boss said.

He said since Western Province is also a tourism hub for tourists and the market is funded by the Australian Government, there's a need to take care of the beautiful market.

“I also wanted the market to be in its standard of cleanliness before welcome our new contractors which includes, toilet cleaner, security, and garbage cleaner to take up their duties a day after,” he added.

He added that the new contractors will take up their duties as of the 2nd of November next month.

The market manager apologizes for any inconvenience the closure will have on the market vendors and the public.

Mr. Maeta encourages everyone to store enough food for their families before the closing of the market this coming weekend.