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Student bullied, cuts himself, hospitalised

30 October 2020
[Photo: Facebook]

A STUDENT of St Stephen Pamua College in Makira Ulawa Province is under medical observation after seriously cutting himself with a knife. 

The self-inflicted wound incident occurred at the school on Tuesday over an alleged bullying issue.

It was revealed the male student is a form three student from Guadalcanal.

The unfortunate incident came about after one of the students also from Guadalcanal allegedly bullied him.

The nature of the bully could not be ascertained.

Disappointed with the way he was bullied, the student took a knife and allegedly wounded himself which caused serious wounds to his hand.

The student was rushed to Kira Kira Hospital on Tuesday for medical attention due to the heavy loss of blood.

Due to the seriousness of the wound the student was airlifted to the National Referral Hospital (NRH) in Honiara on an emergency flight for further medical attention.

A teacher working at the Pamua Rural Training Centre (RTC) confirmed the incident.

The teacher said the student nearly chopped off one of his hands during the incident.

The RTC staff added bullying is a big problem at the college that needs to be addressed.




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