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Men charged over retaliation attack on police officer  

30 October 2020
Police Commissioner Mostyn Mangau.

FOUR men who allegedly assaulted a police officer in retaliation over a traffic matter have been arrested and charged.

Police Chief Mostyn Mangau said the alleged assault happened at Mamara stream area in Northwest Guadalcanal on October 24.

“The Police Officer and his friends went to Mamara to wash their car when another two cars came in with a group of men and assaulted the officer,” Mangau said.

Mangau said one of the men had been previously dealt with by this police officer in relation to a traffic case.

He said the man was charged and convicted and as a result, he retaliated and the others joined him to assault the police officer.

“The men were arrested on Monday this week (October 26), and were dealt with by police.”

They will appear before the Honiara Magistrates Court on November 16.

Following this incident, Mangau appealed to the members of the public not to take action against police officers when they are performing their duties.

He said there are few people in the community who are always looking at taking revenge against police officers for the good work they do in keeping the law and order in our country by arresting those who break our laws.

“Police are here to do their work for the safety of all citizens. 

“Police are doing service delivery to our community and are mandated under the constitution to enforce law and order in our country.”

“So if you are one of those people, refrain from such revenge attacks and provide support to police because there will come a day you will need the support of police to respond to any incidents or any matter you come across.

“If you stay away from problems you won’t become a police target, you won’t be charged or dealt with by police,” Mangau further added.

Newsroom, Honiara