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Public consumption of alcohol in Auki concerning

21 November 2020
PPC for Malaita province, Stanley Riolo.

CONCERNS have been raised regarding the increase in the consumption of alcohol in public spaces in the Malaita’s Provincial Capital of Auki.

An Auki resident, Jeffery Shem told Solomon Star that he has observed a sharp rise in the number of people consuming alcohol in public recently.

“With the increase in alcohol consumers, there is relatively an equal proportion of a disturbance, unruly and anti-social behaviour in the township,” he said.

Mr.Shem added that he has noticed a marked difference to the beginning of this year where regular and frequent police patrols and arrests have deterred such public nuisance from happening. 

“Now that the festive season is ever edging closer, consumption of alcohol along the street is becoming a new normal in the township.

“I called on the police to take an active role in fighting the consumption of alcohol in public and all the anti-social activities that associate with drinking,” he said.

In response to the complaint, Malaita Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Stanley Riole confirmed that there is an increase in the number of people drinking in public lately.

He said police are aware of people who use public places as bars citing that the police will be deployed to the streets to keep the peace, law, and order.

Mr. Riolo further calls on the public to report to police anyone who consumes alcohol in public.

“We are in this together and it is incumbent on all of us to make sure law and order is maintained in our community,” he said.

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