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Daotala claims to have cure for COVID-19   

21 November 2020
Allen Daolata with his herbal medicine that he believes could cure COVID-19.

A LOCAL citizen from Malaita province Allen Daotala believes his herbal medicine (custom medicine) can cure the deadly viral disease COVID-19 in the country.

Daotala said if God has already healed all kinds of deadly diseases that even our Hospitals can’t treat then, give his custom medicine a chance to prove its worth.

He said he is confident that local medicine can do great things in treating the virus.

“With my experience in healing a number of sicknesses such as kidney complications, heart and respiratory problems, Cancer, Malaria, and persistent menstruation bleeding in females, I believe nothing is impossible with curing COVID-19,” he said.

Daotala said the medicine which he produced is taken from the bark of a tree and it consists of three different medicines put together with 1litre of water to cure all kinds of diseases in the body.

He then called on Health authorities to allow him to give his local medicine a go.

“I strongly believe that my medicine can cure the most feared COVID-19,” he said.

 “It doesn’t matter if he is not allowed in but as long as the medicine is delivered to them with the right instructions by responsible officers.

“I am giving out my heart for my country in its fight against COVID-19 and I want to help treat those remaining COVID-19 patients with my medicine,” he added.

Daotala said a lot of sick patients he managed to cure were those returned by Hospitals and clinics because the chances of them surviving were slimmer by the day.

However, in one of the talkback show programs over the national broadcaster, Secretary to Prime Minister Dr. Jimmy Rodgers bluntly said that there was no evidence to prove that herbal medicine can cure COVID-19, let alone any viral diseases.  

Dr. Rodgers said that what Health Authorities can do is to rely on the precautionary measures to help protect and keep the virus at bay – especially from spreading into the community.

This paper understands that global efforts to find a workable vaccine are ongoing with three potential contenders scheduled for roll-out by the end of the year.

The country has recorded 16 positive cases so far and only five have recovered and are still in quarantine whilst six are yet in the Isolation with the virus.

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