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SINU’s first BA graduates   

22 November 2020
SINU, Acting Vice Chancellor, Dr. Jack Maebuta speaking during the graduation ceremony.

The pioneers of Bachelor in Accounting and Business Entrepreneurship (BA) at the Solomon Islands National University (SINU) have been awarded their certificates in a private ceremony at the SINU Tourism complex on Friday 20 November 2020.

A total of 55 students have graduated with BAs in Accounting whilst 9 with BAs in Business Entrepreneurship.

Speaking during the ceremony, SINU Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Jack Maebuta congratulated the graduates for their achievements.

“Your enthusiasm and commitment to your education have finally bearing fruit,” he said.

 “You have laid the foundation to make things happen. Without you, the program would not be call BA of Accounting and BA of Business Entrepreneurship,” Dr. Maebuta told the grandaunts.   

“The paper you take with you today will not make things happen, but you the person who graduated with your name on the paper will make something different happen,” Dr. Maebuta said. 

Dr. Maebuta added that nowadays finding a job in the country is very difficult. 

“Therefore, as business entrepreneurship graduates, excel beyond the realm of employee and explore opportunities to become employers,” Dr. Maebuta challenged the graduates.  

However, Dr. Maebuta reminded the graduates not to forget those who have journeyed with them to get this far.

“Do not forget your parents, spouses, children, and those who have made the sacrifices to help you achieve what you have achieved today,” Dr. Maebuta said. 

Faculty of Business and Tourism, Dean (Ag), Lilian Ha’apio also took the opportunity to commend the graduates for their achievements. 

“Your competencies, passion, commitment, persistence with open minds to learn will be important throughout your lives,” Mrs. Ha’apio said. 

She said the achievement is both for the graduates and the Faculty of Business and Tourism. 

“I am proud to declare that our graduates today are the first-ever product of Bachelor in Accounting and Bachelor in Business Entrepreneurship for the School of Business and Management. 

“Congratulations on being the pioneer students that have successfully completed studies under these programs. This is a milestone achievement for both you and SINU,” Mrs. Ha’apio said. 

She reminded the graduates that to every end, there is a new beginning. 

She said she is glad that the majority of the graduates have already in the workforce, while only a few will need some time to get into the workforce. 

“To those who are working, this new qualification will add value to your work experiences. The knowledge and skills that you have attained will give you a competitive advantage amongst others. To those of you who are to join the workforce, your Bachelor's qualification will bring you to find a job in a not too distant future,” Mr. Ha’apio said. 

Speaking on behalf of the Bachelor graduates, Mrs. Josaka Floyd Farlaii thanked SINU for giving them the opportunity to study. 

“We thank Solomon Islands National University for accepting us into your system, nurturing and molding us along the way until today where we stand proud as graduated Solomon Islanders at our one and only university,” Mrs. Farlaii said.

She thanked their sponsors, lecturers, families, and friends who supported them throughout their journey. 

Graduating with Bachelor of Business Entrepreneurship, Hardyson Lekolo Maenu’u said he is very thankful for the achievement.

He said his achievement would not be possible without tireless efforts and encouragements from his father, a Businessman and Former Member of Parliament, the late Paul Maenu’u. 

“I am indebted to him and no amount of thank you is sufficient enough to repay his dedication and commitment to see me excel,” he said.

He said with the skills and knowledge gained through his studies, the ball is now in his court to ensure the survival, continuation, and growth of their family business which his late father left behind.