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24 November 2020
Third from left Hon Ethel Lency Vokia handed over the boat to the people of North East Guadalcanal. [Photo: Lachlan Eddie]

Delivery of projects for North East Guadalcanal Constituency is now underway.

This followed the successful election of Ethel Vokia as the new Member of Parliament (MP) for the constituency.

Three days after being elected she wasted no time in handing over three new outboard motors (OBM) and ray-boats to her constituency in her first public engagement as the new MP-elect.

Mrs. Vokia, who is still to take her oath as of yesterday handed over the boats to communities of; Siare, Tiviale, and Kerekoka.

Mrs. Vokia explained the support is part of continuing the work left by her spouse, Jamie Vokia who was removed in an election petition.

During the 40 days in office, Mrs. Vokia will continue to deliver projects to communities that were supposed to receive their share before the year ends.

And the handing over of the boats is one of them, it was revealed.

Speaking on behalf of the MP-elect, former MP Jamie Vokia explained the outboard motors will be used to deliver housing materials for those communities that cannot be accessed by roads.

“The only way for them to lighten up their load is to use those boats to carry their housing materials,” he said.

Apart from that, the boats can be used to access medical services and markets.

Following the victory by Mrs. Vokia a development plan policy for 2020 to 2023 has been developed.

This policy features three pillars that focus on; education, housing, and poverty alleviation which align with the government budget.

Today housing materials will be delivered at Kolan and Tau as part of their development plan.

“We believe in unifying rule and not in divided rule,” he said.

Mr. Vokia said the petition case has delayed most of their work plans.

Recipients of the boats yesterday expressed gratitude to the new MP for the support which will help to alleviate their transport need.

By FOLLET JOHN                                                                                                                                                             
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