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Gilbert Camp’s crime free initiative

24 November 2020
Chairman Clement Oikali and the task force boys.

GILBERT Camp, once rated as a hotspot for unlawful activities in Honiara, is changing its image for the better following the implementation of G-Camp Community Policing in July.

G-Camp Community Policing Taskforce chairman Clement Oikali said since the establishment of community policing all eight zones that made up Gilbert Camp are manned by the taskforce. 

Mr. Oikali said the purpose of establishing community policing in the area was for the safety of children, girls, and women.

“The aim of the task force is to make Gilbert Camp a better place to live.

“G-Camp is our home and we want the area to be crime-free for our women, girls, boys, and old people to enable them to walk around freely,” the chairman said.

Under the community by-laws, all social activities, noise from loud music, and movement around the community must stop at 10 pm.

“After 10 pm G-Camp is in quite-mode and our taskforce will patrol to make sure people are retiring to their respective homes,” the chairman said.

He said recently Y. Sato Company Ltd had donated torches and shoes for members of the taskforce.

“I thank Y. Sato Company for supporting the task force and I wish to appeal to other businesses and authorities to support our initiative to keep law and order within G-Camp for many years to come,” Mr. Oikali said.