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Four more quarantine stations for West, Choiseul

24 November 2020
Noro Lodge Quarantine Station. [Photo: Dr. Gain Simbe]

The Government has approved four additional Quarantine Stations for Choiseul and Western Provinces. 

The newly declared Quarantine Stations are Noro Lodge, Red Devil Transport-Nusatupe, Takuho Bungalows-Tuha in the Western Province, and Supizae Bungalows in Choiseul Province.

The additional Quarantine Stations will add capacity to the existing Quarantine Station located at the Gizo Hospital in Western Province.

Meanwhile, seven (7) persons have since graduated and released from the Nila Isolation Center last week after serving 16 days’ mandatory quarantine.

Western and Choiseul Province are regarded as high-risk areas for the importation of COVID-19 given their close proximity to the maritime border they share with neighboring Bougainville. Solomon Islands through RSIPF maintains safety and security on the Western Border with Papua New Guinea.

Officials from the Western and Choiseul Provinces are managing the Government On-Site Operations Coordination Centre (OSOCC) at Nila in the Shortland Islands, and all Quarantine Stations throughout the two provinces.

To date, there are no community transmissions and the Government remains committed to implementing strict measures to prevent further potential importation and spread of COVID-19.