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Wale: Gov’t must address our economy

25 November 2020
Matthew Wale.

OPPOSITION Leader and Member of Parliament (MP) for Aoke Langalanga Mathew Wale urges the government to seriously address the country’s economy in this unprecedented time.

He made these sentiments after Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare issued a statement on the ‘Government’s Redirection Policy and the 2021 Budget’ in the Parliament yesterday.

 “While we welcome the statement made by the Prime Minister I want to urge him and his Minister for Finance to put more emphasis on our current situation.

“The focus should be more on our economic and if possible try to be more specific on the economic priority area,” Wale said.

Sogavare highlighted some of the government’s very essential policies to suit the current situation the country is facing due to impacts caused by the global pandemic COVID-19.

He stressed that the government is faced with tough decisions to redirect its policies that will reflect the dynamics of the world’s current situation.

While this is welcoming Wale said that the government needs to narrow down the list of their policy redirection.

He further added that at this point in time the country’s economy must be the focus.

Minister for Finance and Treasury in his Motion on the Resolution on Section 103(1) of the Constitution when delivering the 2021 Interim Budget speech on Monday also highlighted that COVID-19 continue to affect the local economy.

Meanwhile, Sogavare is optimistic that the government through its redirected policies will slowly improve the local economy.

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