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Sr. Doreen: domestic violence surges in Malaita

27 November 2020
Sister Doreen Awaiasi taking part in the parade to mark the start of the 16 days of Activism.

The Caretaker of the newly-established Malaita Christian Care Centre, Sister Doreen Awaiasi, has told a gathering in Auki that Domestic violence has continued to increase in Malaita.

Sister Doreen was speaking on Wednesday in Auki where the 2020 16 days of activism against domestic violence in Malaita Province was held.

“The nature of domestic and sexual violence is increasing in Malaita. It is sad to see and learn about most women, girls and children in the country continue to experience violence at home,” Sir Doreen said.

She urged all Malaitans to work together in the fight against domestic violence in the province.

 Sr. Doreen said she is very happy that domestic violence issues have always been reported as part of the continuing war against the crime.

She announced that the newly-established Christian Care Centre will be open next year and would serve as a haven for those who suffer domestic violence.

“This means that anyone who might experience domestic violence can visit the centre for safety,” she said.

Sr. Doreen said the idea of establishing the Christian Care Centre in Malaita is due to the increase of domestic violence reported in Malaita and the need for a safe place for domestic violence victims. 

Auki News Bureau