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Award recipient overwhelmed

28 November 2020
Jason Korini and his mum Julie Korini with the Baton of Honour award.

I WAS shocked when my name was announced as the recipient of the Baton of Honor for the Sir Baddley Devesi Correctional Services Solomon Islands new recruit award.

 This was how an overwhelmed Jason Korini felt when his name was announced for the award.

The baton of honor was handed to him by the CSSI Commissioner, Gabriel Manelusi, and the daughter of the late Sir Baddley Devesi, Dolores Devesi.

Korini received the baton of honor on Friday 20 November 2020 at the CSSI Headquarters at Rove during their graduation ceremony for Sir Baddley Devesi’s new recruits.

“I am not expecting the baton of honor award because I don’t think of myself good enough or worthy of such awards.

 “However, when my name is called to receive the baton of honor for 2020 Sir Baddley Devesi new recruits, I was simply dumbfounded because I thought that there were others amongst us that deserved the award more than me,” he said.

“My mother was equally shocked to learn that I was awarded the baton of honor because we both least expected to be accorded such honor,” he added.

He said his heart was overwhelmed with tears of joy because he never dreamt of receiving such a prestigious award.

Joining him to celebrate the award was his mum Julie Korini.

Julie was very excited and she praised the Lord for his son’s achievement.

She said that never a day or night had she missed in praying for her son and the achievement was perhaps an answer to her prayers.

 “I pray for him to endure and do the best he can during the CSSI studies and training.

Korini said that he is proud to be part of CSSI and that he is ready to take on whatever task he is assigned.

Korini acknowledges Correctional Service Training Centre (CST) staff and training director for their restless and sleepless nights shaping him up to be a professional staff.

Korini assured them that their time, sleepless nights, and hard work to shape him physically and educationally was not a waste.

He also thanked his parent for their tremendous support for the successful completion of his training. 

He said that had it not for his parents’ tireless encouragements and prayers, he would not have received such a prestigious award.

Korini is of Vella and Marovo parentage. His father is from Pusisama in South East Vella La Vella and mum from Marovo in Western Province.

There are three in the family, two boys and a girl and Korini is the eldest.