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Seghe RTC receives new classroom building

28 November 2020
The new Seghe RTC classroom building. [Photo: SIAVRTC]

SEGHE Rural Training Centre is a full-time Residential Training institution and is affiliated with the Solomon Islands Association of Vocational Rural Training Centre (SIAVRTC).

The center is run by the United Church in Solomon Islands. 

Saturday of last week, the school was pleased to have received from the New Zealand Government a new workshop Classroom Building worth SBD262, 500.

The assistance was made possible through the SIAVRTC and New Zealand Caritas Partnership bridging Program.

RTC Director Billy Mae told the media that the new workshop project was made possible through the 3 bridging programs the New Zealand Government provided for 8 training centers in the country after the lapsed of the Five (5) Years partnership program on 31/8/2020 that benefited 16 Rural Training Centers in the country.

Mr. Mae said that the country’s RTCs are fortunate to be supported by the New Zealand Government through the 5 years partnership and the 3 bridging programs.

Seghe Rural Training Centre is lucky to be supported under the 3 bridging program with a total of SBD$262,500.00 to construct the new workshop class room building that will accommodate life-skills, agriculture and carpentry departments. 

“The funding for Seghe RTC was derived from total funding support of SBD$ 1.875,000 by the New Zealand government.

“The funds were purposely to support 6 RTCs in the country for new infrastructure projects and I am grateful that we’ve managed to complete 8 infrastructure projects,” Mr Mae said.

Seghe RTC’s new workshop project was handed over to the school by the second secretary of the New High commission, Ms. Anabel Lusk on behalf of the New Zealand government.

Speaking during the hand-over Ms. Lusk thanked the principal, staff, and Students, the Seghe School board and Chairman Mr. Loyley Ngira, and the church authority for the commitment in seeing the project completed successfully to schedule.

Seghe RTC and the New Zealand Government value the importance of education in the country.

Director Mae reported that the hand-over marked another milestone achievement for RTCs in the country.

Director Mae reported that the success of the partnership has contributed greatly, especially in infrastructure development to RTCs around the country.

“I am grateful that with the successful completion of the project, we have been able to secure second phase support for our RTCs in the country,” Mr. Mae announced.

“For your information, my office is currently working on the design of the second phase with Caritas New Zealand and we expect to have it rolled out early next year,” he added.

Mr. Mae mentioned that he is very much indebted to the New Zealand Government for funding the program.

Director Mae said that the RTC sector is the strong base of the economy and its mission is to train the community to acquire the necessary skills, discover their values and potential as individuals and to help them to actively participate in the development of the country.

Mr. Mae continued to report that with the annual production of 4000 graduates each year from the 67 RTCs all over the country, the investment in skills training is one that the country values.

“With this in mind, I am calling on the government to support the RTC sector.

“The government accordingly deserves our acknowledgment for footing all RTCs instructor salaries via its annual grant support,” he mentioned.

Mr. Mae however said that an increase in government is needed because the sector has expanded quite drastically.

Director Billy Mae said that the handing over program coincided with Seghe RTC’s 2020 graduation program which saw 20 students graduated with various life-skill qualifications.

“They have now joined the country’s pool of human resources,” he said.

The 2 important occasions were witnessed by members of the surrounding communities of Seghe, traditional and Church leaders of Marovo, United Church dignitaries, and Members of the Provincial Assembly.

United Church Education Authority also expressed its acknowledgment to the New Zealand government for supporting Seghe RTC with the new facility.