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30 November 2020
Two chiefs representing the two dispute parties exchange with their shell money as they reconsile over their differences. [Photo: Ian Kaukui]

Purakiki 3G Tower dispute resolved


TWO disputing parties in East Guadalcanal have finally reconciled following a disagreement over the construction of a Telekom 3G tower at Purakiki.

The short reconciliation ceremony was held during the launching of the 3G Tower at Purakiki.

The two parties included Vungana against Tetekangi and.

Chief of Vungana Reginald Masu said he want to apologize on behalf of his people and tribe whose land holds the 3G Tower, especially for the differences created between them during the establishment of the tower.

Masu said they are the ones who have signed the agreement for the tower to be built but sadly other parties have disputed due to a lack of wider consultations.

He then uttered an apology and call for cooperation to ensure the tower is kept safe at all times.

Meanwhile, Chief Jackson Kokoku of Tetekanji land said he felt so sorry for the mess done by some of their boys up at the tower.

“Now I ask the Vungana and Penguniu land to forgive us for our action as we continue to enjoy the services of this 3G Tower,” he said.  

He then assures that they will remind their youths to stop any further disturbances at the tower and allow it to serve its intended purposes.

Meanwhile, Solomon Telekom Sales Manager Barbara Kiere has acknowledged the effort of the communities in resolving whatever differences with a clear understanding of the importance the tower has for their communities.

Mrs. Kiere said the establishment of the 3G Tower is there to help the communities in terms of development and making life easier especially in terms of communication. 

She then urged the communities to be responsible and look after the tower to serve them for a longer period of time and enjoy its survives.

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