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Resettlement plans for low-lying islands

02 December 2020
Dickson Mua.

PARLIAMENT has been told that the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management, and Meteorology and the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Survey have been tasked to develop a resettlement policy for low-lying atolls and artificial islands highly vulnerable to climate change.

Environment Minister Dickson Mua Panakitasi disclosed this during the debate on the SINE-DIE motion.

He told Parliament that the work has started and is supported by the International Organisation for Migration.

He said this year it met some setbacks with COVID-19 but added it would be progressed further in 2021. 

“This should guide the resettlement work that will be spearheaded by the Ministry of Lands. We are fighting climate change thus trying to convince the High Emitting states or powers worldwide.

“As the Opposition Leader has alluded to, “too many international meetings” with no action. Sir, we are pursuing the big emitters during those international meetings,” he said.

Minister Panakitasi said as small island states climate change is a real threat they face and some are already experiencing it.

He said since the first Conference of Parties (COP) meeting, the multilateral process has not been welcoming.

“Gogo go umi lose confidence to lo process (We are losing confidence in the process).

“This morning Sir through virtual meeting again we uttered our concerns on this matter.

The Minister said as a country it’s about time we promote renewable energy.

“Let’s also preserve our mangroves which is the breeding place for our seafood and helps protect coastal erosion,” he said.

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