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Green Valley community celebrates historic X-mas

30 December 2020
Community members entertaining Green Valley families and friends.

FOR the first time in the history of Green Valley Community in East Honiara, the community was able to come together and successfully celebrated a historic Christmas celebration last week.

It was dubbed as ‘peaceful and enjoyable.’

Green Valley was known to many people in Honiara as one of the notorious areas in the capital by young people but today it is one of the well organised communities.

A Green Valley resident Gray Hengstasi told this paper that on Christmas day the community leaders and youths worked together and organised sports events to commemorate the event.

“Women, girls, and youths were very cooperative and supported the community leaders a very different experience but with so much fun,” Hengstasi said.

He added that sports events took place during the day and in the evening families and friends brought food for a Christmas feasting with entertainment from community members.

“Our families really enjoy it and we also had the opportunity to listen to our community elders who took time to talk to us,” he added.

Green Valley community is one of the communities in Honiara that introduced community policing in October this year which was very effective today.

Hengstasi said that community policing in the community really help change Green Valley.

“Today young people in our community have shown great improvement in their behaviour which was evident during our Christmas celebration.

“As one of the seniors in the community I want to applaud and thank the young people in our Green Valley community for the respect and cooperation they showed,” he added.

Hengstasi also called on all youths and community members to continue and support their community elders and work together as New Year is approaching.

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