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Gizo break-ins

31 December 2020
A substantial amount of money was stolen from this Western Union branch.

GIZO Police in Western Province is now hunting for a group of suspects following strings of burglary incidents that occurred early Wednesday morning.

The incident involved a number of masked men who broke into three buildings within hours - a shop and two offices in Gizo.

The incident occurred between 1 and 4 am early yesterday morning.

The three buildings include; Solomon Power Office, Western Union/No1 Currency office, and New Hope Hardware Shop.

At the Solomon Power Office the burglars left a trail of mess involving papers, at the New Hope Hardware, they broke into the fence but could not enter the main shop, and at the Western Union office, a substantial amount of money was stolen.

CCTV footage has revealed the men wore masks and could not be identified.  

A group of boys at a nearby betelnut stall said they heard a noise when the burglars were inside the Western Union office.

It was when the office alarm went off, that the thieves escaped.

Some long-time Gizo residents said it's the first time such incidents happened.

The residents said the moves by the burglars were seen as professional.

A number of residents of these suspects are not residents of Gizo because to break into three buildings during the same night is unusual.

Gizo Police are now hunting for the culprits as the investigation continues.