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Police investigates fatal road accident in Choiseul Province

04 January 2021

Police at Taro in Choiseul Province are investigating a fatal road accident, which resulted in the death of an adult male person after he allegedly fell from a moving land cruiser vehicle and hit by a log at Soranamola in Choiseul Province on 24 December 2020.

Supervising Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Choiseul  Province, Elliot Ngili explains, “It is alleged that on 24 December 2020 the deceased was travelling with 8 other passengers including the driver of the vehicle who is a foreigner working at the logging company situated near Soranamola  Village in Choiseul Province.”

“The vehicle experience mechanical problem while coming down a sloped hill and it couldn’t stop. The only option the driver had was to crash the vehicle into some cubic timbers laying where they were approaching. By hitting the cubic timbers the vehicle bounced up and hit an off-cut log which hit the deceased and killed him instantly.” says Supervising PPC Ngili.

He says, “ The vehicle was owned by Maximus International Limited. The vehicle should not be used due to poor condition and not road worthy.”

Inspector Ngili says, “All company vehicles should be serviced regularly. People or landowners who want to travel on any company vehicle make sure the vehicle is roadworthy. Any company driver must have his/her license at the camp office.”

 “Our condolence to the family of the deceased following the tragic loss of this man.” 

“I want to appeal to the community at Soranamola to come forward with any information regarding this fatal accident to assist police with their work as investigation continues.” Inspector Ngili adds.

- RSIPF Media