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Fanega, SINU’s new Pro Vice-Chancellor

07 January 2021
Shadrach Fanega.

A former Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Finance and Treasury, Shadrach Fanega is the new Pro-Vice-Chancellor (PVC) of the Solomon Islands National University (SINU).

Mr. Fanega replaced the late John Usuramo who held the position at the time of his passing last year.

Mr. Fanega’s appointment has drawn criticisms from members of the public, who have questioned the credentials of the new Pro Vice-Chancellor on social media.

As well as being a retired public servant, Mr. Fanega is also a member of the SINU Council, which decides SINU appointments.

According to postings on social media this week, two other candidates with Ph.D. qualifications also applied for the job but were unsuccessful.

“Corporate position is the most vibrant and dynamic position in the top management of SINU. It needs a young, fresh, creative, and energetic person to occupy as it is a demanding position and anyone occupying it is expected to be always on the look-out for opportunities to earn money for the university.”

A judicial review of SINU’s Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Garnesh Chan is before the High Court following refusal by the Commissioner of Labour to grant work permit for the Fiji national of Indian descent.

There were unconfirmed reports that SINU was renting a house for Mr. Fanega prior to his appointment as Pro-Vice-Chancellor, presumably because of his being a SINU Council member.

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