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Sale of cooked food sparks concern

09 January 2021
Food vendors in front of Honiara Central Market bus-stop. [Photo: Umi Tok Tok Forum]

Some members of the Honiara public have raised serious concerns regarding the health, hygiene, and quality of cooked food sold openly at the Central Market’s bus stand. 

Solomon star understands that the issue has been continuing for some time and recently, social media has again brought the sale of cooked food to the attention of authorities. 

A recent post made on the social media ‘Umi Toktok Forum’ stated the fish & chip container is 8 inches above the walkway and therefore dust from people walking on the footpath makes it not safe for public consumption. 

A concerned citizen stated in the Umi Toktok Forum that Honiara City Council as the municipal authority mandated with the powers to ensure food standards are met - must step in to address the matter. 

“HCC as a responsible authority should either stop these food vendors or create a separate market so that they can sell whatever cooked food they have just as they do for betelnut,” the concerned citizen said.

He went on to say that such practice is compromising the health of the public because some of these foods are prepared from the most appalling of conditions.

Another concerned citizen also called on Honiara City Council to wake-up and do its job. 

“Rather than focusing on revenue collection, the HCC must also care for the health of the residents of the city.  After all, this is what the institution exists to do and not to line the pockets of politicians with money,” he said.

Getting comments from HCC was unsuccessful yesterday.