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MPG rescues health workers

12 January 2021
Malaita premier Daniel Suidani.

The Malaita Provincial Government (MPG) has stepped in to foot the salary of all Malaita Provincial Health direct employees following the delay of the service grant from the national government to the Malaita Provincial Health Sector. 

MPG under the leadership of Premier Daniel Suidani has done an extraordinary move last week by allocating $200,000 to allow provincial health workers to receive their salaries on Friday. 

Otherwise, all the provincial health workers would have been greeted by an empty bank account, however, big thanks to the MARA government for the timely support, which saw the health workers marching to the bank with smiles on their faces.

A health worker told this paper if the MARA government did not step in and rescue the situation, they will be in a desperate situation to keep their families running.  

The health workers also voiced out that the delay is the worst they have ever come across stating the delay as unacceptable.

The arrangement now is that when the national government sends the grant money this week, the MPG money will be reimbursed back to the province. 

It is the hope of health workers to see the national government send the grant money by this week.  

Auki News Bureau