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Govt's Facebook suspension 

14 January 2021
Benjamin Afuga.

The Government's decision to suspend Facebook has both good and bad sides. Whilst it hinges on the rights of individuals, the government of the day has a right too to make decisions for the good of the nation. 

Administrator for popular and one of the biggest Facebook forum groups in the country Benjamin Afuga told this paper last night.

“I support the Govt’s announcement that it will make new legislations for Facebook. 

“This is a positive development for Facebook usage in this country,” he added.

He further expressed that the rise and usage of Facebook over recent years has been both responsible and irresponsible users. 

“I am not concerned about the responsible users, but I'm very concerned about the irresponsible users who continue to abuse other users and portray to everyone that Facebook is not good,” Afuga expressed with great concern last night.

He said no Facebook has a lot of advantages if used in the right ways. But it can also be a disadvantage if used incorrectly. 

“So whilst it is encouraging to hear Government is working on a legislation to govern the use of Facebook, I would like to call on the Government to include other Social Media platforms as well,” he added

Afuga also expressed that cyber law is the only answer because once Facebook is suspended, many social media users will turn to other platforms.