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18 January 2021
Dr. Gregory Jilini.

THE country has now recorded only one active COVID-19 positive case.

This was announced by Dr. Gregory Jilini, Deputy Secretary for Health Care at the Ministry of Health and Medical Services during the first Sunday talk-back show for 2021 over the national broadcaster yesterday.

In his update, Dr. Jilini said, since the transfer of the three positive case-patients to the Central Field Hospital at Multi-purpose Hall, two of them have since tested negative.

Only one is currently tested positive, he said.

Three of the patients are in stable condition and are under monitoring.

“As of now 12 have been recovered and have been discharged so that leaves us with five remaining and out of these five only one has been positive to date.

“By next week after the fourth test, and if it continues to be negative then we expect two more to be discharged later next week,” he said.

He said, currently there are 124 people in the quarantine stations that came in from the remaining flight from Fiji last week, and 15 came in from Brisbane.

The country has recorded 17 cases in total.

However, the numbers have dropped over the past weeks and months after serving quarantine time.

Meanwhile, Dr. Jilini has appealed to patients who have tested positive and released after being tested negative to get in touch with the ministry of health as part of the follow-up procedures.

He said the ministry is planning to follow-up on all the former positive patients for up to 90 days since they first tested positive.

Dr. Jilini said, there is still a possibility of the virus turning positive.

Therefore, the government is taking steps to monitor all patients to avoid community transmission.

By FOLLET JOHN                                                                                                                                                           
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