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AG welcomes top judges 

20 January 2021
Attorney General, John Muria Junior.

ATTORNEY General (AG) John Muria Jr has welcomed and congratulated Justice Rex Faukona, Howard Lawry, and Eran Soma for their judiciary appointments.

AG in his speech yesterday during the opening of the legal year said despite the restrictions experienced in 2020, the Judiciary has had a number of achievements.

The achievements are the appointments of the trio.

Lordship Justice Faukona was appointed as Deputy Chief Justice, Justice Howard Lawry was appointed as judge, and Eran Soma being re-elected as president steering SIBA. 

“It is on this note that I would like to share my congratulations to His Lordship Justice Faukona on your appointment as Deputy Chief Justice.

“Despite the sudden return of a judge, the Judiciary has welcomed a new addition to the Bench with the appointment of Justice Howard Lawry,” he said.

He added also towards the end of last year, Eran Soma was re-elected as President of the Solomon Islands Bar Association.

“I wish to extend my congratulations to Mr. Soma for his re-election and wish him and his executive all the best in steering SIBA on course for 2021,” he said.

AG has also pledged to work with the following legal persons on their duty of appointments.

“As Attorney-General, I reiterate that I continue to stand ready to work along with the Bar Association and provide whatever assistance to the Bar should the need arise,” he said.

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