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PPC: why suicide case is suspicious

19 January 2021
Acting PPC for Malaita, Inspector Michael Ramosaea.

The Acting Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Malaita says that the suicide case involving the 12-year-old girl at Gwounaoa in West Kwara'ae, Malaita Province is suspicious and worthy of a police investigation.

Information surfaced claimed that the deceased was not with her biological parents when the incident occurred.

In fact, she was living with relatives while her parent was in Honiara.

According to police accounts, the deceased went to a nearby water source on Friday afternoon but failed to return to where she was staying with relatives.

A group of youths was sent to look for her because it took so long for her to return.

It was then, they discovered the deceased’s body hanging from a cocoa tree approximately 20 meters from the water source.

Acting Provincial Police Commander (PPC) for Malaita Province Inspector Michael Ramosaea said the case looked suspicious especially when the legs of the deceased were on the ground when discovered.

He said normally in any suicide case involving hanging, the legs of the deceased are always above ground.

“However, the recent one saw the deceased’s leg on the ground,” he said.

PPC Ramosaea further revealed that the deceased’s tongue did not pop out from her mouth as is normal of suicide by hanging.

With that, PPC Ramosaea said police want to find the underlying cause of this before deciding if the girl died by committing suicide or being murdered. 

Auki News Bureau