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Community sectors urged to be more active this year 

19 January 2021
Chief Justice, Sir Albert Palmer.

Sports organisations, Churches, Honiara City Councils, and other community-based groups are encouraged to be more active this year. 

Chief Justice Sir Albert Palmer made this appeal in his remarks at the 2021 Legal Year opening yesterday at the High Court.

He said apart from meaningful programs and activities being made available to our young people to engage them in worthwhile and fruitful pursuits, that appropriate facilities and venues whether these be sports fields, equipment, or buildings are provided.

“As the saying goes,” An idle mind is the playground of the devil” when our young people’s minds and energy are being directed into such worthwhile tasks, they will have less time to get involved in criminal and lawless activities,” Sir Albert added.

He further added that this will ultimately have a spin-off effect in issues of law and order and fewer youths getting involved in crime.

“The work of the courts, police and Correctional Services, in turn, will also be reduced and the administration of justice controlled and maintained at a healthy level and not spiral out of control.”

Sir Albert said the administration of justice is not only a matter for the courts but for all of us.

“We all have a contribution to make our nation a better, just, and fairer society to live in where there is respect and tolerance for one another.

“If parents take responsibility for their families and children, there will be fewer young people out at night roaming the streets and causing trouble.

“If more jobs, employment opportunities are made available for many of our young unemployed youth, and are being engaged in earning a fair income for a day’s work there will be fewer of them out in the streets committing crimes,” he said.

Newsroom, Honiara.