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Suidani praises MV Taimareho shipping 

21 January 2021
MV Taemareho.

The management of the West Are’Are Constituency-owned shipping vessel, the MV Taimareho was praised for complying with Malaita Provincial Government resolutions.

The provincial government resolutions had it that any ship transporting dead bodies via the Honiara-Auki route is obligated to charge a freight of $500 and not more.

This week, MV Taimareho was seen transporting a dead body from Honiara to Auki and was charging only $500 in compliance with the provincial government’s resolution.

The Malaita Provincial Government passed the resolution mid last year.

However, no passenger vessels operating the Honiara-Auki route has complied with the resolution until this week when MV Taimareho decided to take the lead. 

Speaking to Solomon Star Auki in an interview yesterday, the Malaita Provincial Premier Daniel Suidani thanked MV Taimareho for observing the resolution where he said MV Taimareho Shipping has shown the way forward for other shipping vessels to follow.

The Premier said that respecting the dead is supported both traditionally and religiously and MARA government's adoption of this resolution should be respected by all shipping companies servicing Malaita Province.

"As we know, giving respect and honor to the dead is rooted in religion and tradition and Malaita culture is no exception.

"For whatever reason shipping companies operating the Honiara-Auki route have not seen this in the same light, is yet to be discerned.

"Shipping companies instead made it very expensive for people to transport the bodies of their loved ones.

"As a result of this difficulty, the MARA government passed an executive resolution last year for all shipping companies operating the Honiara-Auki route to charge only $500 for dead bodies.

"With this announcement, the people of Malaita province can be rest assured that they now have a shipping company that can be relied on when it comes to transporting their dead from Honiara to Malaita.

"It is the sincere hope of the Malaita Provincial Government to see other shipping companies follow the good example set by Taimareho shipping company," the premier said. 

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